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We are a group of millennial-somethings who think family secrets are some bullsh*t. We’re on a mission to rediscover secret recipes and the people who’ve made them. In fact, we’re on a quest for total transparency, true clarity, and flat out freedom for the food. Have a dish you think deserves to see the light of day? Want to honor your loved one by sharing their genius food story with the world?  SUBMIT HERE. We want to give props to you, the maker, and the recipe’s story. Because that stuff deserves to be shared. And celebrated. Most definitely not kept secret.

Dishing Out Family Secrets
Grandma June

Ask anyone who crossed paths with her, they’d all say the same: Grandma June was the baddest b*tch around. When she passed in April 2020 from COVID-19, we not only lost one of New York City’s original A-B-C immigrants, but also the stories, and dishes, that were generations old.

And so we wanted to honor Grandma June, and all of the ones who have come before us, in a small, yet collective way.

I strongly believe the unconditional love we all receive from our elders shouldn't be a "family secret." It should be cherished, celebrated, and kept alive. Because many of us don't have access to that love, and because our cultures and our stories deserve to be shared.

We hope you’ll see these secrets from families all around the world and be reminded that while we may eat differently, we all need a reminder to cherish our elders, our stories, and the damn good food that helps us create connections everyday.